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About Rotunda Strategy

Rotunda Strategy is a licensed partner of the Value Forward Network, a worldwide management consulting firm with consulting partners in three countries. Using the copyrighted Value Forward method, we integrate financial management, marketing methodology, sales processes and corporate strategy and operations into one outbound revenue capture program to help companies grow.

Rotunda Strategy uses a hybrid advisement model to help drive company's success. We are CEO Coaches, Executive Management Consultants and a Training Firm all at the same time. We advise CEOs on action steps to take to grow revenues, consult with management staff on best practices, and train sales and marketing teams on tactics and strategies that work.

At Rotunda Strategy - we believe
revenue capture is a company responsibility.

Integrated Process

Today most product and service firms pull their value behind them and force their company into a commodity position with their competitors. When executives say, "We have great service," "we are customer centric," or "our offerings are the best," - they just sound like their competition.

When you market and sell like your competitors - you become identical to your competitors... and you have to price your product or service equal to or less than your competitors.

Instead, Put Your Business Value In Front of You

To grow your firm in this market, you need to integrate your sales, marketing, strategy, and financial management programs into one outbound revenue capture approach focused on communicating your business value up front so prospects see you differently than your competition.

Sales, Marketing, Corporate Strategy, And Financial Management Cannot Operate As Stand-alone Silos.

To help firms succeed, we use a 360° business value assessment and implementation approach to understand how your firm can create business value that can be marketed and sold to help achieve the goal of corporate revenue growth.

Through our Value Forwardâ„¢ Business Growth Programs, we analyze your sales, marketing, corporate strategy, operations, and financial management approaches as a new prospect would and then develop specific action steps to increase your business success using our integrated company capture approach.

Win Business -- Grow Revenue

In today's economy, selling products and services is not easy. At the end of the day, getting new contracts or purchase orders is the key to growing your top line revenue.

Build a Replicable, Premeditated Revenue Growth Process

Through the Value Forward programs and services, we can help you create a defined business growth strategy that is premeditated.

In this market, it is hunt now . . . or be eaten later!






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